We're looking for awesome Role Models to be a part of our Summer Staff of 2018!
Camp Medley will be a safe and nurturing community where campers will experience the reality of God in their lives through play; friendship; creation; music; prayer; story; and in their relationships with faithful role models and mentors. 

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At Camp Medley our vision is....

To be a safe and nurturing community where campers will experience the reality of God in their lives through play; friendship; creation; music; prayer; story; and in their relationships with faithful role models and mentors. 

As a Camp Medley staff member you will be responsible for the care and safety of campers and will be changing their lives through the magic of camp! 

We are looking for dedicated and mature leaders who aren't afraid to have fun, who are looking for a challenge, who are passionate about working with children, who have a desire to live in community and who have an openness to exploring their own faith.

Applications will close on Friday, February 9th.
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For each job include employer, your responsibilities and your dates of employment.
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All positions and ministry descriptions are posted on our website. While the hiring team will take your choices into serious consideration, you may be offered a position for which you did not apply.
Why are you qualified for the positions you are interested in? *

What have you done this past year that you're most proud of? *

Camp Medley's Mission Statement is "Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the making of young disciples". What does "the making of young disciples" look like at camp? *

If hired at camp again, what resources do you need this year that you didn't have last year that would help make you an even more effective leader?

Which of your co-workers last summer (or the last summer you worked at camp) was a great role model for staff? What did they do that made them great?

There are lots of camps in New Brunswick. Why are you applying to work at Camp Medley? What intrigues you the most about working here?

If hired, what experiences have you had in other areas of life (school, home, work, etc.) that you think would assist you in your camp job?

Please list the names and contact information (phone and email) for two references. Let us know how you know them and please advise them that they may be contacted by the hiring committee. *

A reference should not be someone you are related to.
If you are applying for a part-time position, please list any dates in the summer for which you currently know you will not be available.

Applicant's Statement (Read carefully) *

The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any references in this application to give you any information (including opinions) that they may have regarding my character and fitness for working with children, youth or in camping ministry. I release all such references from any liability for furnishing such evaluations to you, provided they do so in good faith and without malice. I waive any right that I may have to inspect references provided on my behalf. Should my application be accepted, I agree to be bound by the policies and staff expectations of Camp Medley. I will assist to the best of my ability in maintaining and further developing the ideals, Christian emphasis and service requirements of this camp. 
Thank you for your love of camp and staff application! After applications close on February 4th, we will be in touch with your interview date and time. Please select the interview location that works best for you. *

Skype interviews are for those who live a lengthy distance from the Saint John or Fredericton area. 

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